Adelaide Reveals Struggles With Anxiety

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We’ve only been dazzled by The CW’s new period drama Reign for two weeks now, but we’re already obsessed with Adelaide Kane (Mary Queen of Scots). The actress chatted up E! News and discussed her strong female character and the mental health platform that she hopes her fame can help out. When it comes to playing Mary, Adelaide says she was really inspired by the historical figure when figuring out how to play the character. “I like that she was a strong, independent, intelligent young woman in a very difficult time,” Adelaide says. “She really has to fight to figure out these really murky political waters before she or her friends end up hurt… or dead.”

“You slip up once politically, you end up with a knife in your back in a dark alley,” she notes. But beyond her character, Adelaide is hoping her CW leading lady status can help her get the word out to the youth about important topics like mental health. She revealed that she suffers from anxiety and that her little brother grew up with a learning disability. “I feel very strongly about anxiety and depression — I suffer from anxiety, and it’s difficult for me sometimes,” she reveals. “People kind of underrate mental health or there’s a stigma attached to it, and I think that’s wrong.”

But don’t think Adelaide is going to be prim and proper all the time. She said that if she’s out with her girlfriends and she’s enjoying a few too many glasses of champagne, you’ll have to forgive her for being “tiddly.” This girl is too adorable!

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