Reign Season 2: Where We Left & What’s Next

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Reign (CW)

Premieres: Thursday, October 2 at 9/8c

Where We Left Off:

During a bloody finale that claimed the lives of crazy Henry and The Darkness, Mary told Francis the truth about Lola’s baby — but not before the Plague began spreading, which forced Mary to lower the gates at the castle.

What’s Next:

“Not everyone will survive it… but the plague will pass and it will be followed by famine,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy says about Season 2, which she also dubs the “haunted season.” But there’s some good news: Bash and Francis’s bromance will finally improve, especially since McCarthy shoots down any hope for Bash and Francis’s wife Mary to get together.


Adelaide – “I Sold Pot To Survive”

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She’s now starring in a hot US drama, but Adelaide Kane candidly reveals she suffered a “miniature nervous breakdown” at one point and nearly moved back to Australia! The former Neighbours star arrived in Los Angeles in 2009 and quickly booked a TV movie. Then, for two years after that, all she landed were a couple of paltry low-budget roles. “It’s really, really difficult,” the 23-year old reveals.

“It doesn’t happen overnight. This is the big lie about LA.” Adelaide, who played Lolly Allen on Ramsay Street, worked odd jobs to pay the bills. “I was nannying, I sold my own clothes on eBay when things got really bad,” she says, “I worked in a medical marijuana dispensary for a little while – which is funny, because I don’t actually smoke weed!”

On a visit back home, a “really miserable” Adelaide started to seriously question what she was doing with her life. “I had a little miniature nervous breakdown,” she recalls. “I was so stressed. I was so broke. I threw my neck out and started giving myself really bad three-day mirgraines”. “I felt like I’d been wasting the last couple of years. All my friends were starting to graduate from uni and get jobs and I was still [living] pay cheque to pay cheque. Like ten dollars – do I spend it on gas, do I spend it on food?”

She decided to give it one more pilot sseason and eventually landed the lead in reign as the teenage Mary, Queen of Scots. Long may she rule!

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Kane’s Reign Produces A Queen

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From her first acting job on a long-running Aussie soap to being hailed as a breakout Hollywood star, Claremont-raised Adelaide Kane has come a long way. The former St Hilda’s student made her TV debut on Neighbours in 2006 with a three-month role as Lou Carpenter’s adopted daughter. But since leaving Ramsey Street for Hollywood, Kane has gone from a little-known actress to burgeoning star.


Last year Kane, 23, racked up a string of TV and film credits, including supporting Ethan Hawke in the horror-thriller The Purge. But it is her lead role in sexy period drama Reign that thrust her further into the spotlight. In the series, to air on Ten Network’s channel Eleven next year, Kane is a young Mary Queen of Scots during her rise to power in the 16th century. “It’s been kind of non-stop, especially since Reign got picked up,” Kane said. “It’s been hell for leather.”


In Perth for a brief break, Kane, who splits her time between Los Angeles, Toronto and New York, has caught up with family and friends she hasn’t seen for a year. “It’s weird, I miss home more when I’m here than when I’m away,” she said. “When home, I’m reminded of all the things I’m missing. “I’d like to come back more often. I miss my family.”


After her return to her LA base, Kane will continue filming for Reign in Toronto in the coming weeks.

Adelaide Secures Her Reign

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How did Adelaide Kane get from the far western reaches of Australia to be crowned Mary, Queen of Scots?


In between Kane’s school years in Perth and her starring role on the CW’s “Reign” (8 p.m. Thursdays on WGN-Channel 9), there was a teenage stint on the Aussie soap “Neighbours.” Then her ramen-and-odd-jobs struggles in Los Angeles four years ago as she tried to break into the big time.


The dry spell she encountered there triggered self-doubt and even anxious migraines. “I was so sick of being unhappy,” she recalls. “That’s no way to live.” She came close to going back to Perth and returning to school. Then a final Hollywood push bore fruit. Kane was cast in “Power Rangers R.P.M.,” followed by “Teen Wolf.”


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Adelaide Kane: Article – Four Reasons To Love Adelaide

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You wouldn’t be too far off in saying that Adelaide Kane is the breakout star of The CW’s fall line up. Her new show Reign is based on the teenaged years of Mary, Queen of Scots as she tries to secure her alliance with France by marrying Prince Francis II (Tony Regbo). We already love Reign and its leading lady. But for those who don’t know much about Kane, here is why she should be your new lady crush.


1. She can speak fandom.

With super fans talking online about “ships,” “feels,” and “I can’t even,” it sometimes seems as if they’re speaking in a code language. However, Kane has embraced fan terminology and can even speak it: “Just so you know, this ocean of feels has room for all the ships! Eat your little hearts out mateys.”


2. She knows her TV.

Reign has been compared to a lot of other TV shows: Game of Thrones (with a bit less sex and bloodshed) and Downtown Abbey (without Maggie Smith unfortunately) among others. But Kane has said that Reign is a mix of Game of Thrones with The Tudors, and a little bit of Felicity — because who wouldn’t want some ’90s teen drama mixed with the medieval time period?


3. She can do action.

Although Kane got her start acting on the Aussie TV soap opera Neighbors — and she can obviously pull off the dramatic moments in Reign — she’s also really good at action roles. Not only did she play a butt-kicking werewolf on MTV’s Teen Wolf, one of her earliest acting roles was on Power Rangers R. P. M.


4. She’s not Queen-like at all (and that’s okay!)

Whether she’s making faces with fellow cast mates or pretending to have a mustache, Kane is less like a queen and more like any other 23-year-old. Her Instagram is full of pictures featuring her friends, her food, and her job (which means lots of behind the scenes photos from both Reign and Teen Wolf). Is it just us, or does she seem like a really cool friend?

Adelaide Reveals Struggles With Anxiety

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We’ve only been dazzled by The CW’s new period drama Reign for two weeks now, but we’re already obsessed with Adelaide Kane (Mary Queen of Scots). The actress chatted up E! News and discussed her strong female character and the mental health platform that she hopes her fame can help out. When it comes to playing Mary, Adelaide says she was really inspired by the historical figure when figuring out how to play the character. “I like that she was a strong, independent, intelligent young woman in a very difficult time,” Adelaide says. “She really has to fight to figure out these really murky political waters before she or her friends end up hurt… or dead.”

“You slip up once politically, you end up with a knife in your back in a dark alley,” she notes. But beyond her character, Adelaide is hoping her CW leading lady status can help her get the word out to the youth about important topics like mental health. She revealed that she suffers from anxiety and that her little brother grew up with a learning disability. “I feel very strongly about anxiety and depression — I suffer from anxiety, and it’s difficult for me sometimes,” she reveals. “People kind of underrate mental health or there’s a stigma attached to it, and I think that’s wrong.”

But don’t think Adelaide is going to be prim and proper all the time. She said that if she’s out with her girlfriends and she’s enjoying a few too many glasses of champagne, you’ll have to forgive her for being “tiddly.” This girl is too adorable!