Adelaide Talks Reign Season 2 With EW

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Being a princess isn’t all regal ceremony and ruffled dresses. (Well, sometimes it is, but we’ll get to that later.) Just ask Aussie actress Adelaide Kane, who’s begun filming the second season of her royal role as Mary, Queen of Scots in The CW series Reign. With the promise of plague, famine, a royal coronation, baby mama drama, sex, death, and more sex, it seems like the royally salacious drama is prepared to set hearts racing—and that’s just in the first few episodes. Here, Kane shares details of what’s in store when the second season of the hit drama premieres Oct. 2 at 9 p.m.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When we next see you on the show, you’re the Queen of France.

 What does this mean for you as the character—will we be seeing a new side of Mary? How has your character evolved?
Well she’s been the queen of Scotland for a very long time, but she’s been more of a figurehead. She hasn’t had a particularly active role in ruling her country. So I think Mary will step up to the plate and actually be an active ruler, as opposed to just a figurehead or someone who is purely used as a political tool. So we’ll see her become a little more proactive, a little more politically involved as well as see her struggle to step into her parent’s shoes.

And will you take after Mary de Guise, as played by Amy Brenneman, or will we see you more as a Queen Catherine-type?
Well, I don’t know. They’re both pretty manipulative because their power came from the men they married as opposed to their own blood line. I don’t think Mary needs to manipulate, she’s not that type of person, but certainly with rule and politics does come a certain, I don’t know, you need to have a certain guile about you to rule in that world. And I think she and Francis definitely have a different vision for the monarchy. She wants a more honest, straightforward, decent type of ruler, as opposed to mad King Henry or the forever scheming Catherine. I think there’s want to be more honorable but we’ll see if they can do that. I don’t know if they can. Catholics, and there’s o much ill will floating around, and there were struggles diplomatically, so in trying to be egalitarian rulers they’ve got a lot to come up against with the more traditional values that they have. There’s also a lot of change in this time.

There’s no feast – all famine right, as the season begins?
Well they’re royals, so there’s a couple of feasts.

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Reign Comic Con Fan Q&A

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Adelaide – “I Sold Pot To Survive”

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She’s now starring in a hot US drama, but Adelaide Kane candidly reveals she suffered a “miniature nervous breakdown” at one point and nearly moved back to Australia! The former Neighbours star arrived in Los Angeles in 2009 and quickly booked a TV movie. Then, for two years after that, all she landed were a couple of paltry low-budget roles. “It’s really, really difficult,” the 23-year old reveals.

“It doesn’t happen overnight. This is the big lie about LA.” Adelaide, who played Lolly Allen on Ramsay Street, worked odd jobs to pay the bills. “I was nannying, I sold my own clothes on eBay when things got really bad,” she says, “I worked in a medical marijuana dispensary for a little while – which is funny, because I don’t actually smoke weed!”

On a visit back home, a “really miserable” Adelaide started to seriously question what she was doing with her life. “I had a little miniature nervous breakdown,” she recalls. “I was so stressed. I was so broke. I threw my neck out and started giving myself really bad three-day mirgraines”. “I felt like I’d been wasting the last couple of years. All my friends were starting to graduate from uni and get jobs and I was still [living] pay cheque to pay cheque. Like ten dollars – do I spend it on gas, do I spend it on food?”

She decided to give it one more pilot sseason and eventually landed the lead in reign as the teenage Mary, Queen of Scots. Long may she rule!

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Adelaide Interview with Just Jared

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Just Jared: Congratulations on the renewal for a second season of Reign! Did you celebrate?

Adelaide Kane: Oh yeah, definitely! The rest of the cast all went out that night. What’s funny is that I booked a flight to come out to LA, so I didn’t get to celebrate with the rest of the cast. But they told me on set before they told anyone else because they wanted me to tweet simultaneously with the leads of some of the other CW shows. It was all I could do not to tell everyone, and they let me announce it to the whole crew. So exciting!

JJ: How far into shooting are you?

AK: We’re still on season one. We’re currently shooting 119. Oh my gosh, three more episodes and then season one is done. I can’t believe it. It’s really gone by exceptionally quickly. It’s crazy. [JJ Note: Interview was completed on March 8]

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