West Australian Scan (29 July 2014)

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Adelaide – “I Sold Pot To Survive”

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She’s now starring in a hot US drama, but Adelaide Kane candidly reveals she suffered a “miniature nervous breakdown” at one point and nearly moved back to Australia! The former Neighbours star arrived in Los Angeles in 2009 and quickly booked a TV movie. Then, for two years after that, all she landed were a couple of paltry low-budget roles. “It’s really, really difficult,” the 23-year old reveals.

“It doesn’t happen overnight. This is the big lie about LA.” Adelaide, who played Lolly Allen on Ramsay Street, worked odd jobs to pay the bills. “I was nannying, I sold my own clothes on eBay when things got really bad,” she says, “I worked in a medical marijuana dispensary for a little while – which is funny, because I don’t actually smoke weed!”

On a visit back home, a “really miserable” Adelaide started to seriously question what she was doing with her life. “I had a little miniature nervous breakdown,” she recalls. “I was so stressed. I was so broke. I threw my neck out and started giving myself really bad three-day mirgraines”. “I felt like I’d been wasting the last couple of years. All my friends were starting to graduate from uni and get jobs and I was still [living] pay cheque to pay cheque. Like ten dollars – do I spend it on gas, do I spend it on food?”

She decided to give it one more pilot sseason and eventually landed the lead in reign as the teenage Mary, Queen of Scots. Long may she rule!

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Bello (April 2014) Scans

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High quality scans from Adelaide’s feature in Bello April 2014 have been added to the gallery. Previews and links are available below:

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Vanity Fair (2014) Scans

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Adelaide is featured in the January 2014 issue of Vanity Fair (France). I have scanned and added a high quality version to the gallery. Be sure to check it out as Adelaide looks gorgeous! Previews & links are available below:

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Teen Vogue (2013) Scans

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A normal day in the life of 23-year-old Adelaide Kane means waking up, stepping into a couture ball gown, and time-traveling back to France in the year 1557. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Not quite! The Scottish-Australian beauty, who landed the role of the infamously fiery Mary, Queen of Scots, on the new CW series Reign (think Game of Thrones meets Gossip Girl), works incredibly hard on set to do the sovereign justice.

You can read the full article here at TeenVogue.com.